I have never been waxed before and I am super nervous. What do I need to do before my first visit?

RELAX, MONKEY: If you are nervous about your waxing visit, rest assured we have SEEN it all.

WE ARE NOT HERE TO JUDGE, WE ARE ONLY HERE TO WAX! We want your visit to be as comfortable as possible.

Also, if your hair is extremely long, you may want to trim it, but it certainly not necessary.  However, if you do decide to trim yourself, please use caution. Please do not trim with clippers. Try using scissors. It is just too easy to take off too much hair with the clippers! We would rather have the hair too long rather than too short.

Any discomfort is brief, and totally worth the end result. Remember too, if you wax consistently (every 4-6 weeks) the hair growth is reduced, the hair texture becomes finer and softer with each waxing session, making the next appointment easier than the last.


I am getting married this year and would like to try waxing, is there anything special I should do?

SPECIAL MONKEY: If at all possible, you should wax 3 times (which is typically once a month for three months) before your event. This gives you the opportunity to see how your skin reacts to waxing and allows the staff to make any necessary product adjustments to insure you get the best wax possible.


Do you double dip your wax sticks?

NO YUCKY MONKEY: Please know that the staff at The Naked Monkey does NOT DOUBLE DIP when performing waxing services. Even though many of our waxes claim to be antibacterial/antimicrobial (meaning nothing can grow in the wax) we don’t leave anything to chance. A new disposable spatula is used each and every time more wax is needed.

I have an STD, may I still get waxed?

FUNKY MONKEY: Waxing cannot be done if you are in the midst of an outbreak. We will not wax over “suspicious” looking skin reactions. This is for your protection as well as that of the Monkey staff. Please note that waxing may “trigger” an outbreak if you already have an STD.