Monkey Morsels


FLUFFY MONKEY: If time allows, please exfoliate lightly before coming. This helps lift any potentially ingrown hairs and makes your waxing visit more efficient. We recommend using a loofah or similar type of product. Bath puffs are typically not abrasive enough. 

PALE MONKEY: Please DO NOT tan 24 hours BEFORE or AFTER your appointment. Doing so may potentially lift the top layer of skin causing minor discomfort. Also, spray tans should be done AFTER your waxing appointment.

PRODUCT MONKEY: Please make us aware if you are using any prescription or OTC topical products that may contain retinoids, retinols, Retin A or Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s).

ALLERGIC / MEDICATED MONKEY: Please let your service provider know if you have any food allergies as well as use any medications from the following. Certain oral prescription medications may aggravate the skin when waxed, particularly those that cause sensitivity to light; examples include, Accutane, antibiotics, or blood thinners. Tamoxifen may also cause sensitivities with certain waxes. Please let us know if you are currently taking any such medications before we wax you, keeping in mind, that we may refuse to do the service if we feel it is in the best interest of you and your skin.

GIRLY/MOMMY MONKEY: Waxing a week before menstrual cycle or during pregnancy MAY make you more sensitive.

“BABY” MONKEY: Taking ibuprofen 30-60 minutes prior to waxing services may help to reduce inflammation and discomfort, but honestly, our staff is good with distraction and SO great at their jobs, the process is pretty painless.

LENGTHY MONKEY: Ideally hair growth needs to be at least ¼ inch to have a waxing service; for most people, this is approximately 10-14 days of growth, or just when the hair starts to lie flat on the surface of the skin.


EXFOLIATED MONKEY: Do exfoliate all waxed areas 2-3 times per week. We do carry amazing products that are perfect for this. Between appointments please use the recommended ingrown hair serum on all waxed areas daily for the first week; Spot treat as needed thereafter. This helps with ingrown hairs and lightens any areas where hyper-pigmentation may have occurred.

SOLAR-PROTECTED MONKEY: We recommend using sunscreen on all exposed waxed areas…actually, we recommend using it all over but especially in the waxed areas.

RAZOR-FREE MONKEY: Do not shave between appointments if at all possible.

NATURAL MONKEY: After underarms are waxed, avoid using deodorant for 12 hours, if possible.

REACTIVE MONKEY: Please call us if you have ANY reactions that last longer than 24 hours.

IMPERFECT MONKEY: Please call within 24-48 hours of appointment regarding any missed hairs. We will gladly take care of it, but it must be within 48 hours of visit; any longer and it could be considered new growth.

SLUG MONKEY: We recommend that you do not elevate body temperature within 12 hours after a waxing service (i.e. work out, hot tubs, saunas, etc.). This may aggravate the potential for ingrown hairs.

NO LONGER NAKED MONKEY: You will be ready to wax again in 4 to 6 weeks. This does NOT mean you will be completely hair-free for 4 weeks. The time between visits allows your hair to reach the necessary length to achieve the desired result. The Naked Monkey cannot control how fast your hair grows.

FINAL MONKEY RANT: Hair growth and color are controlled by genetics and hormones, not The Monkey nor its staff. If your hair seems to grow in darker after waxing, it is possible that the hair that was there had been lightened by the sun or other products prior to waxing, but waxing does NOT make new growth darker.